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KAREN MARTINEZ is a Trinidadian filmmaker based in London, UK. She has worked extensively in the film world both in the UK and the Caribbean. In 2013 she wrote and directed her first narrative fiction, After Mas, that won the Best Local Short award at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2013 and was screened at a number of international festivals. In 2013 Karen was selected for a filmmakers immersion workshop with the Argentinian filmmaker Julia Solomonoff . Following on from this she has co-written with Georgia Popplewell a feature film script called Scattered, a road movie set in Trinidad, which is currently in development. Dreams in Transit is her most recent film.


Karen Martinez
Catherine Emmanuel, Karen Martinez
Executive Producer
Andy Lambert
Director of Photography
Miquel Galofré
Dominique Le Gendre
Martina Laird
"Dream Woman"
Catherine Emmanuel
Cedric Smart, Kerron Lemessy
Karen Martinez, Andy Lambert
Poetry extracts
Derek Walcott, Martin Carter
Additional Camera
Jonathan Mora, Sedi Ghadiri
Dubbing Mixer
Dominique Brethes
Voice recorded at
Eclectic Studios
Dominique Le Gendre, Conrad Martinez-Lambert

"Rio Manzanare Dance Suite"
composed by Dominique LeGendre & Celia Reggiani, performed by the Lontano Orchestra conducted by Odaline de la Martinez

List of interviewees & featured people:

Ronaldo Alfred & Andy Grant — 'The Original Jab Jabs'
Rupert 'Lakatan' Cox — forest dweller
Eunice 'Sheera' Cox — forest dweller & healer
Annalee Davis — for the use of her artwork ‘(up)rooted’
Gillian Goddard — environmental activist and chocolate producer
Fedon Honoré — 'Midnight Robber'
Gabrielle Hosein — anthropologist
Brianna McCarthy — artist
Peter Minshall — Carnival artist
Sharda Patasar — musician and composer
Marsha Pearce — cultural theorist scholar
Georgia Popplewell — MD Global Voices
Shivanand Ramjagasar (Captin’ Doubles) — vendor
Mark Raymond — architect
Monique Roffey — novelist
Jeffrey Rondon — fisherman and lifeguard
Atillah Springer — writer


Thanks are due to all these people who helped to make the film possible: some gave their time to be interviewed others offered locations for filming, info, advice, permissions etc…

Busspepper Promotions (Mateen Hepburn)
Brooklyn Bar
The Chaguaramas Development Authority
Drink Lounge & Bistro
Carlos Felicien
Valerie Francis
The House of Angostura
Giselle Laronde-West
Maracas Bay Fishing Village
Ava Martinez-Lambert
Kristopher Maingot
Phillip Murray ‘Black Sage’
Sigrid Nama
Maria Nunes
The Port Authority of Trinidad & Tobago, Customs & Excise Division
Rachel Ross
Colin Smith
Nyugen Smith
Trini Treats (Maracas Lookout)
UWI Doubles

Meiling for 'Dream Woman' dress

Extract of
The Derek Walcott Nobel Lecture
“The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory”
Used with the permission of Derek Walcott.

Extract of “Midsummer, VII”
Used with permission of Derek Walcott.

Extract of
“Till I Collect” by Martin Carter
Used with permission of Peepal Tree Press.

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